As everyone who has followed this blog is aware, these slippers have taken well over thirteen months, and several hundred, if not thousands of hours to complete. (I won’t even attempt to do the actual math – it would be insane!) But, what you see as the end result in these slippers was not a straight forward journey from Point A to Point B; at nearly every step, things were sewn, and then stripped, and then resewn, to ensure that nearly every detail (as far as was possible) was as authentic to the look of the original shoes as I could get it. While the finished shoes hold (roughly) 4,600 sequins, it’s safe to say I sewed 10,000 – 15,000 sequins along the way, to make sure the angle and spacing of each individual sequin was exactly where I wanted it to be. Do you realize how crazy that is? No, seriously, think about it…

Based, as they are, on Tod Machin’s diagram of Roberta’s shoes, they bear a striking resemble to that pair, and I honestly couldn’t be happier, after all that work, of how they came out.  But, that said, they are currently on eBay. I had placed an auction shortly after their initial completion, which did not end with a winner. The current auction is listed at a lower opening bid (just over $300) and with no reserve.

So, if you’ve followed me on this journey, and you’d love to make these slippers your own, now is your opportunity. The auction ends this weekend, and it is open to anyone around the world, and rest assured the shoes will be shipped, fully insured, to their new home.

Genuinely, I’m sad to see them go, and if times weren’t what they are, I would happily keep the slippers, but I’m hoping the slippers can find someone else who will appreciate them and take the same care with them that I did in creating them.

This blog should provide any potential buyers a wealth of information about the slippers, but should anyone have any questions, feel free to contact me!

To go directly to the auction: click here!